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All of our finalists will be
invited to attend the
ANNUAL Pageant in Hawaii.

I have read the agreement at bottom of the page.
Send your pics to


Entry fee just $25 (US)

Entry fee covers entry into the 2016-2017 contest and your very own portfolio-bio page for voting.

Welcome to the Beautiful Body Contest!

(please read)

Any pictures you submit must be recent and represent you as you look currently.

As a contestant you will be eligible for any category but can WIN just one. By sending your pics, you are stating they are of you and give us consent to publish them in any way we see fit for the purposes of promoting and running our contest(s). Sending us pictures of yourself does not automatically qualify you as a contestant as all pictures are judged first prior to selecting and accepting those for the contest. Any pictures that contain pornography or sexually suggestive acts will be deleted.
You must be 21 years of age. Thank you.


Please contact us at picme@BeautifulBodyContest.com

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